New Vantage® I

The New Vantage®whole life insurance policy is designed for those in good health. Once issued, it provides immediate full coverage, with benefits that will never decrease and premiums that will never increase (as long as premiums are paid on time). This policy builds cash and loan values. 

Several payment types are available with our New Vantage® I plan that allows each policyholder to pay their premiums in a way that fits their situation best. Depending on the plan, coverage is available for age 0 through 85 years of age. The minimum policy size is $1,000 and the maximum policy size is $35,000, depending on the age at issue. 

In addition, the New Vantage® I whole life insurance policy includes several riders that provide term coverage for children (CPR), additional benefits for death from accidents (ADR), and waiver of premium (WOP) if an insured becomes disabled. Ask your contracted Sentinel agent for more details on the New Vantage® I whole life policy riders. 



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