New Vantage® III 

Sentinel’s New Vantage® III senior whole life insurance plan is designed for individuals with impaired health or more challenging medical conditions. Sentinel’s New Vantage® III plan will not cover all health issues but it might offer a solution for clients dealing with complex health problems traditionally turned down for coverage in the past. This modified benefit plan, once issued, pays a death benefit equal to a return of all premiums paid plus 10% interest in the event that death occurs within the first two policy years. After the second policy year, the full face value of this plan is payable upon death. If death occurs in the first two policy years due to an accident, the full benefit is paid. The benefits will never decrease, and the premiums will never increase with the New Vantage® III senior whole life insurance plan (as long as the premiums are paid on time). This policy also builds cash and loan values.


Coverage is available for ages 45 through 85. The minimum policy size is $1,000 and the maximum policy size is $15,000 depending on the client’s age at issue.


Note: All New Vantage senior whole life insurance plans are not available in all states. Please contact an agent or the home office to inquire about availability.



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