In addition, the New Vantage® I whole life insurance policy includes several riders that provide term coverage for children (CPR), additional benefits for death from accidents (ADR), and waiver of premium (WOP) if an insured becomes disabled. Ask your contracted Sentinel agent for more details on the New Vantage® I whole life policy riders 


Waiver of Premium (WOP) — Available for clients ages 15 through 55, the WOP rider provides for the waiver of policy premiums if you become totally and permanently disabled through an injury or illness.

Accidental Death Rider (ADR) — The ADR can be added to your policy for only $1.25 per thousand dollars of coverage and will pay out an additional benefit if death results from accidental bodily injury.

Children’s Protection Rider (CPR) — The CPR provides $1,000 per unit of term life insurance on your child or children. You can add up to five units ($5,000) for only $10 per unit or as little as a ½ unit for $5. This rider is very affordable and offers additional peace of mind concerning your family.