Sentinel Plan® Hospital Advantage

Healthcare is no longer an option, but a necessity. Without adequate insurance, a single health-related event can be financially devastating, leaving you to face insurmountable medical bills and associated costs. Without proper coverage, you may be responsible for payment of out-of-pocket expenses such as co-pays, deductibles, the loss of wages and in-home aftercare. It can all add up to a situation that is financially crippling for you and your family—but it does not have to.

That’s where the Sentinel Plan® Hospital Advantage plan comes in. Sentinel’s new hospital indemnity plan (with issue ages 60-85) will provide you peace-of-mind in knowing that many healthcare possibilities are addressed and covered ahead of time.Sentinel’s Hospital Advantage plan enhances your existing insurance by filling in gaps that would otherwise be your responsibility to pay. This plan is a policy designed to offer relief from unexpected medical bills due to hospital stays, emergency room visits, surgeries and physician office visits. 

The Sentinel Plan® Hospital Advantage plan pays directly to you – money you may use as you see fit, regardless of your existing insurance coverage. The policy will provide you up to $250 a day, and may include benefits such as ambulance transportation, emergency room benefits, skilled nursing benefits and more, all for one affordable premium.

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