Sentinel Plan® Hospital AdvantageTM Benefits

With the Sentinel Plan® Hospital Advantage you can choose from three levels of policy coverage including the Standard, Preferred or Premier level. The following benefits are available under one plan but benefits will vary based on which plan you select. Your Sentinel agent can explain the benefits of each plan more thoroughly and help you select a plan that best suits your needs.

Daily Hospital Benefit

·         Should you be confined to a hospital, this benefit will pay you up to $250 a day, for a maximum of five days.

Ambulance Benefit

·         This benefit will pay you up to $125 per day, with a maximum of up to three trips per calendar year, depending on the benefit package you have selected.

Emergency Room Benefit

·         Your policy will pay you up to $50 per admission to a hospital emergency room, payable up to four times per calendar year.

Hospital Inpatient or Ambulatory Surgical Center Surgical Benefit

·         If you have a qualified surgical procedure, the surgical benefit will pay 10% of the scheduled benefit amount.

Hospital Outpatient or Ambulatory Surgical Center Laboratory & Radiology Services Benefit

·         This indemnity policy will pay you for each Medicare covered services hospital outpatient department or ambulatory surgical center visit. You will receive up to $30 per visit, up to $900 per calendar year.

Primary Care Physician

·         For every primary care physician visit you make, your policy will pay you up to $25 per office visit, up to 8 visits per calendar year.

Skilled Nursing Benefit

·         Your policy will pay up to $60 per day up to 20 days per calendar year if you are in need of skilled nursing care. This benefit applies if you are admitted to a skilled nursing facility after having been confined to a hospital for three consecutive days as long as confinement begins within 30 days after hospitalization.

Welcome to Medicare Visit Benefit

·         We will pay you $25 for your initial preventative exam when you become eligible for Medicare, during the first 12 months of your Medicare Part B coverage. Then receive $25 for your annual wellness visits to your primary care physician.

Annual Medicare Wellness Visit Benefit

·         You will receive $25 each year for your annual wellness visit to your primary care physician.

Additional Preventative Care Benefits

·         We believe that preventative care is extremely important to living a healthy, long life. That’s why for each completion of a Medicare covered preventative care service your policy will pay you $10.

Benefits Guaranteed Renewable For Life

·         This policy is guaranteed renewable for life. This means you have the right to continue your policy in force for as long as you live. We cannot cancel or refuse to renew the Policy or place any restrictions on it if you pay your premiums on-time.



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This is a general description of benefits. Always refer to your policy for coverage details. Not available in all states. This is not major medical coverage. This policy has limited indemnity benefits.