You decide how your money grows
and how you receive income from your investment
Your money grows with
the market without losing value during a downturn
You will provide for yourself and your beneficiaries

In today's challenging financial environment, many people are seeking safer investment opportunities. Summit Bonus IndexSM is a fixed indexed annuity designed to meet the growing retirement needs of Americans. The Summit Bonus IndexSM provides principal protection, an interest-crediting strategy that is tied to market growth, tax deferral and the opportunity to receive a consistent stream of income for life.

This bonus annuity gives you the opportunity to participate in the rise of the market without having to experience any losses if the index goes down. In addition to the annuity, there is an Income Rider which allows you access to guaranteed income for the remainder of your lifetime. The Income Rider in itself is a great offering, but there is also an annuity bonus rate of 1% in addition to the premium bonus paid when your policy is set up.


Click Here to access the Summit Bonus IndexSM Online Income Rider Calculator


Interest rates as of January 15, 2016 and are subject to change without notice. Quoted rates may vary due to state regulations and taxes. Not all annuities and optional riders are available in all states.

Summit Bonus IndexSM has a 10-year surrender schedule. Premium bonuses are subject to a vesting schedule. Inclusion of the income rider subject to age restriction.

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