We offer an Income Rider that you may select when you purchase the Summit Bonus IndexSM. The Income Rider guarantees that you may withdraw a specified amount from the Summit Bonus IndexSM each year and is available even if the Accumulation Value of your annuity goes to zero after income payments begin.

Income payments under this rider are available as long as you are at least 55 and provided the Policy has been in force for one year. When you elect to receive payments under the Income Rider, you have the option to select a single life payout for you or a joint life payout for you and your spouse.

Once income benefits begin, you can still receive income even if the accumulation value of your policy is ZERO.

Your lifetime annual income will depend on your Income Account Value, your Payout Factor, and if you are required to take out required minimum distributions under federal tax laws.

This is a percentage that is based on whether you elect the Income Rider for you or for you and your spouse. The Payout Factor is also based on your age or the age of your spouse.

This is used to calculate the Income Rider payments and the Rider Charge.


Click Here to access the Summit Bonus IndexSM Online Income Rider Calculator


*Values are not guaranteed. This example assumes an initial premium of $65,000 allocated to the point-to-point strategy, with a 6.5%** premium bonus. GLWB payments start in year 10.

**Premium bonus may vary by state.

Rider and features are not available in all states and are subject to change without notice. 

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