Each policy anniversary, the monthly S&P 500® index value for the 12 month period since your last anniversary date is averaged (ending value) and compared to the S&P 500® index value on the last policy anniversary (beginning value). When the ending value is higher than the beginning value, the percentage increase is credited to the policy up to the annual cap. When the ending value is lower than the beginning value, no interest will be credited; however, no interest will be lost, leaving the contract value protected.


• Interest Rate based upon average of the 12 monthly closing values in S&P 500® over the policy year
• Higher Cap than Annual Point-to-Point
• The Monthly Averaging feature has the potential to yield higher earnings when there is a period of significant market increases


This example compares the performance of a $100,000 Summit Bonus IndexSM Annuity using the Monthly Averaging crediting strategy with a hypothetical cap to the value of $100,000 invested in S&P 500® companies over a ten-year period. This example is for illustrative purposes only and is not an indication or guarantee of the future value of the Summit Bonus IndexSM Annuity or the performance of the stock market.

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